2018 OPC Thank Offering

Week #1 Christian Education – Watch the video here.

Your giving to Worldwide Outreach will assist the Committee on Christian Education as they provide resources for the church to grow in the knowledge of the Lord, including things like:

  • Ministerial Training
  • Internships 
  • OPC.org 
  • New Horizons
  • Psalter Hymnal

Week #2 Home Missions – Watch the video here.

Through your giving to Worldwide Outreach, the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension is able to:

  • Provide valuable training and funding to church planters
  • Support Regional Home Missionaries
  • Introduce seminary students to ministry in the OPC

Week # 3 Foreign Missions – Watch the video here.

Your support for Foreign Missions enables the gospel to go throughout the world.  Included here is a report on work in Uganda.