Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Classes

Survey of the Bible – Church Library

The Bible is the word of God, but it was written over many centuries with many human authors, in many different literary forms.  As a result, it is not always easy for us in the 21st century to make sense out of many portions of Scripture, or to see how the individual parts fit together.  This class will use the book, “30 Days to Understanding the Bible”, by Max Anders, to help provide a survey of the Bible – its history, people, places, major themes, and events.  Although it is not a prerequisite for class participants to have much prior knowledge of Scripture, it is hoped that all who participate, even those who know their Bible well, will find this class to be profitable.

A History of American Presbyterianism – Fellowship Hall

The story of Presbyterianism in America has often infamously been called the story of the split P’s. There seem to be as many Presbyterian denominations as there are churches! Although this is wildly exaggerated, the history of American Presbyterianism is a three-century long, wild ride from infancy to the present. Join us as we explore the story of how Presbyterianism, by God’s grace, has adapted and survived in the New World.

Children’s Sunday School Classes

We have Sunday School classes for children ages two through high school.  We use the Great Commission Press curriculum.