Sunday School

Adult Christian Education Classes

Know Why You Believe

This is the first of several anticipated adult classes on the subjects of apologetics and evangelism. This is a discussion class based on the video series, Know Why You Believe, by Prof. Scott Oliphint of Westminster Seminary. This series addresses a number of the “why” questions related to the foundational doctrines of the Chris-tian faith and provides both the basis for them as well as address-ing common objections to them. This class will be team led and will be held in Fellowship Hall.

Stewardship and Personal Finance for the Christian

We are called to be wise and faithful stewards of the resources with which the Lord has gifted us, and this includes financial re-sources. Using a book by Dave Ramsey to help guide our discus-sion, the class will discuss practical issues related to personal fi-nance, including debt, credit, investing and types of investments, planning for retirement, and giving from the perspective of a stew-ard. We will meet in the Library.

There will be no Sunday School classes Easter Sunday.